Ricky Bluthenthal Coming to Reno






We are very excited to welcome Ricky Bluthenthal PhD to the University of Nevada Reno March 30th, 2012 in the Ansari Business Building Room 108.

Dr. Bluthenthal is a Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Institute for Prevention Research, Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. He is currently conducting research on a group-based HIV prevention intervention for recently incarcerated  African Americans, an observational study on land-use policies, crime and health, and an exploratory study of individuals who initiate drug injection later in life. His previous research established the effectiveness of syringe exchange programs, documented how community conditions contribute to health disparities, and examined health policy implementation. As a graduate student he helped found and ran the Oakland needle exchange program, was a founding board member for the Harm Reduction Coalition and has been on the advisory board for the North American Syringe Exchange Network since 2002. Dr. Bluthenthal has authored over 80 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the American Journal of Public Health, Social Science and Medicine, The Lancet, Addiction, and Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research among others. He received his doctoral degree in Sociology from U.C. Berkeley in 1998.

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