NNOT working with PHASA, but who is NNOT?

The Northern Nevada Outreach Team:

Who are they? What do they do? Come with us on a Tuesday or Friday Night and find out.

The team of 3 to 5 are out on the street, doing something great for the community. They hand out condoms, lube, hygiene
kits and bleach kits for IV drug users to help stop spread disease and infection here in Reno.

On Tuesday, August 21st the outreach team walked the river path. We met at Northern Nevada HOPES at 6pm and hit the street. We started at Ralston and 1st and walked down to 4th and Stutro Street. Then we walked up Stutro to Record Street.

On Tuesday Night the team of 3 handed out:
25 Bleach Kits
40 Hygine Kits (20 with toothbrushes and 20 without)
173 Condoms
12 Females Condoms

It is a great feeling when you can help those in need.

Along the walk we stop and talk to those who we see and help. They are really grateful for us being out there to help with some of the things that many of us have access to regularly, but they do not. We hand out items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deoderant, razors that all come in our hygeine kits.

Last night, one man asked us why we do this and each of us took the time to tell him a little bit about why
we do it.

Jon Penfold, started out and was telling him a little bit about why he does. Jon tells him what it’s like to now be clean for over 17 years and what outreach has meant for him.

Leslie, talked about why she was out doing it and what it meant to her.

Kelly Penfold, talked about why she was out there. She came from a family who did drugs and almost lost her big brother because of it. Now she wants to help others so that no one has to go without what they need.

These were just some to her reasons.

He thanked us and as we were leaving I asked him if there was anything else he would like to see the outreach team have for those who live on the streets? His answer was a prayer.

So no matter what others say about the homeless or the street people, some of them are just looking for a simple answer. It could be just to have someone to talk to, or someone to give them
hope. Maybe someone to to sit and pray with them.

Remember it could happen to anyone of us, and when you pay it forward it will always find it’s
way back to you.
Kelly Penfold
NNOT(Northern Nevada Outreach Team)


8/22/12 Northern Nevada Outreach Team

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