Reno Syringe Round Up needs help: 9/29, Sat. 10am-2pm

Hey Team,

So, Join Together Northern Nevada (JTNN) is doing their quarterly pill and syringe round up on Saturday, September 29th from 10am-2pm and we need your help!
NNOT is helping sponsor this event and they have specifically added the syringe round up to the event, as per our request.  We want to make safe needle disposal an issue in Reno that is noted along with where people can do so in the future.
Thus, we need volunteers for the 7 participating pharmacy sites where people turn in their dirty needles and are trying to get at least 2 people per site (14 total).  The pill drive needs some participants additionally, as per the volunteer list that is attached.  Please let me know if you are a yes for sure, or if you can do any part of any location (and what times are good for you) and your help would be greatly appreciated.
We also need any help with fliering, media blasts, radio, TV or anything you can do to spread the word and help shout out.  I have attached the flier JTNN is using for the event and we are hoping to create a few of our own too.
So, please keep this event in mind and if you can help in any way please shoot me an email back saying how you’d like to help and I would love to hear from you.
Thanks soooo very much in advance,
(2012 NNOT President)

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