Ways to Get Involved

PHASA needs like-minded individuals like you to help make a difference in Nevada. We welcome anyone and everyone. You can be a former or current injection drug user, a concerned parent, a community organizer, a politician or in law enforcement. We value your participation and passion for public health.

PHASA operates on many levels throughout the entire state and your involvement could range from:

  • Outreach and Education – hand out safer injection information and bleach kits, safer sex kits, hygiene kits; go into organizations and learning facilities to share your experiences and educate the community on public health issues associated with injection drug use
  • Policy Efforts – help reform policy by developing community alliances, drafting bill language and testifying at the legislature
    • Write a Letter to Your Legislator:
      • Find your legislator here: Click Here
      • Tailor this letter to your representative and email/mail it to them: Click here for a template letter
      • Don’t forget to send one letter to your senator and one letter to your assemblyman/woman
  • Administration – help mail letters, develop and manage online social networks, make flyers, make phone calls, manage meetings
  • Event Planning and Recruitment – solicit others to be a part of PHASA and plan events to spread the message
  • Meetings – attend our weekly PHASA meetings located at Northern Nevada HOPES (don’t worry Las Vegas and the rural, we have a teleconference line you can call into)
  • Sign the PHASA Alliance Agreement
  • Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/phasanv
  • Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/nvphasa

PHASA Advocacy Materials:

PHASA Advocacy Materials: Share your level of commitment to the cause by officially signing our Alliance Agreement (there are several levels of involvement stated on the agreement). This is just stating that you or your organization supports the efforts that PHASA has put forth sound health policy in Nevada to allow for increased Naloxone access and a Good Samaritan Law. This does not commit you or your organization to over-involved policy efforts (e.g. lobbying), funding…etc. Plus you can find more information on the policies we support for the 78th Legislative Session in 2015 and more!

Important Documents for Naloxone Access and the Good Samaritan Law:

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